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Painfully Cute

Your one stop shop for the criminally, horribly & should be illegally cute.
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BEAR hugs! Bears are too damn cute. I know how brutal they can be, but seriously, they are just too friggin cute. Look how sweet this one is, too!

The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear (by barcroftmedia)

¬†ADORABLE! Simply adorable! An owl and a kitty, playing together like you’d never imagine. Very damn cute and silly!

You will want to turn off the sound before watching this, the music is just horrible.

Aww it’s a wittle tiddy in a cigar box! So damn cute! Look at that little face, don’t you just hate it?! It’s terrible! It’s a crime! Arrest this kitten, it’s breaking the law of cute!

Sorry it’s been a while. We recently lost my 10 yr old kitty who was in perfect health and it’s been extremely hard on me. I haven’t been keeping up with my sites or blogs for a while. So here’s an adorable fox for you to enjoy :)

I’ll try to post some more in the next few weeks, but I’m sorry if I don’t, I’ve just got a lot going on. The year only just started and it’s already been awful….first we lost our family dog, then I lost my sweet kitty and then my grandma. It’s been very rough. The good news is I got my disability approved, so at least one good thing happened. Let’s just hope this is not indicative of the rest of the year though!

Very cute. I don’t even know what to say.