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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Could you please link the Batman post to it's artist? Because it's no fun having stuff taken with no recognition.
itspainfullycute itspainfullycute Said:

There is a reason that artists put their signatures on their pictures. Also, it’s not as if people always take things directly from the original source, and most of the time, it is extremely difficult even to find the original source. I’ve stated this before, and honestly I’m tired of shit like this. People share stuff on the internet, and it gets shared from them and on and on and on. I never claim that ANY of it is mine, unless it actually is, such as a picture of my cat. I never have and I never would, because I do believe that it’s right to post sources. I try to do so whenever it is possible. Sometimes even if I have the source, it’s too difficult from my phone. Honestly though, I don’t know why people like you keep complaining to me about this shit when,

A. I don’t profit from any of it or gain anything. I’m simply sharing photos I find so that others can enjoy them too. I’m sure if someone really wanted to know who’s photo it is, they might be able to find out.

B. I don’t claim it to be mine or anyone else’s who doesn’t own it unless it truly is mine, and even then I have maybe posted about 5 photos ever that even were my own. Some of those don’t even say they’re mine, because I don’t care. 

C. Most importantly, I’m not one of those a-holes who puts my logo on a picture that is obviously not mine and then shares it.  I hate those people.

Regardless of all of this, I really don’t care if you choose to stop following the tumblr. If you don’t want to follow my blog, don’t, but wasting my time with this nonsense is ridiculous and just silly. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I share a LOT of things from other people who shared it from other people who shared it from other people before! Get off your damn high horse. It’s the internet, have you ever been here before?

P.S. I find it pretty pathetic and a little ironic that the people who complain like this always do it anonymously :P