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 ADORABLE! Simply adorable! An owl and a kitty, playing together like you’d never imagine. Very damn cute and silly!

You will want to turn off the sound before watching this, the music is just horrible.

A Crow Adopts a Kitten

This is THE sweetest story I’ve ever heard in my life. Literally, it’s even sweeter than the Christian the Lion story with the two guys who raised the lion and released it into the wild after years of being with it and bonding, and they came back years later to find him and they have this amazingly beautiful reunion where the lion runs and jumps into their arms and starts rubbing his head all over them and hugging them….
This is sweeter. I know it doesn’t seem possible, but it is, at least in my opinion.
I really can’t understand how so many morons think that animals are stupid and can’t feel, here’s another damn example out of millions that proves that theory wrong! 

(⊙o⊙)  みσLY みモLL….ธั_๑ 

S∅  ƒґΣสкฯฤق とซナє!!!

Aみみみみみみサ!!!!ヅツジシッ ツ●≈(^∅ゥ⊙^(≈)╯╮╯╮╯●ツ

(via megamarines)

Poor dog looks worried, the owl looks angry and like he’s gonna kick whoever’s butt that made him sad. What a good friend.