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Your one stop shop for the criminally, horribly & should be illegally cute.
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https://www.facebook.com/pan2003¬†Adopt a pet and remember to spay and neuter the ones you have. There are MANY clinics who have free events/days on their calendar when they do it for free or ridiculously cheap. Find out when the next one is and where and go get it done! You may not have an animal that can get pregnant, but if you have a pet that isn’t neutered, they can go and impregnate stray animals or other not-spayed pets, and then there will be more unwanted babies and it’s extremely hard to find people who want them or can afford to take care of them! Do your part please, do your part.

This dog carried her 10-day-old puppies out of a burning home and brought them to this fire truck: http://huff.to/N0sKRu