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OMG&#8230;too cute. Those bastards! How dare they do something so cute!

OMGtoo cute. Those bastards! How dare they do something so cute!

Best costume I’ve ever seen. So cute & sweet, too.

{||||Parenting; you’re doing it right.||||}

Sp I know this is quite old, but for any of you who haven’t seen this or heard about it, it’s very sweet and it’s about the hippo that these people basically have as a member of their family. Pretty damn cute. It can go anytime if it wants, but it just always comes back to be with them. Now that’s just too damn sweet. Did you know that hippos kill more humans than any other mammal in South Africa (or just Africa, I can’t remember which)? Interesting info. Also, they can live to be about 50, if in captivity, otherwise usually live about 30-45 years in the wild.

Jessica the Hippo (by CarlyJay31)