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(⊙o⊙)  みσLY みモLL….ธั_๑ 

S∅  ƒґΣสкฯฤق とซナє!!!

Aみみみみみみサ!!!!ヅツジシッ ツ●≈(^∅ゥ⊙^(≈)╯╮╯╮╯●ツ

(via megamarines)

A kitten so cute, it will murder you. In your sleep.

This thing seriously shouldn’t be allowed to exist. It’s too damn cute for anyone to look at. Don’t do it… seriously, don’t. You will be scarred for life.

This makes me sick. It should be removed from the internet for disturbing me so much…. I mean, I just died from it. The cute leaked out of my computer and stabbed me in the eyes  \(ಥ)